* @ The AM47 Point Of Elemental Air in Central Asia on 21 Feb – 02 Mar 2011

It is mid-sidereal, revolutionary Aquarius right NOW! THIS IS the very time of pronounced Elemental Air. The AM47 Point of Elemental Air was on 01 Mar 2011, the direct center of sidereal Aquarius, and I was looking for a certain ‘Airy’ quality of events surrounding the country of Turkmenistan. Precious little information escapes this region of the world due to years of suppression, of having the costliest and most restricted internet service in the world, and of course language and cultural barriers. Creative communications at the AM47 Point of Air are suffocated, and for an occultist like myself, contact opportunities are virtually non-existent thus far. If the AM47 Point of Air was in virtually ANY other place in the world, these problems would not be present… and that is just plain BIZARRE. I think that this block is indicative of a world truly out of balance and divorced from nature and true sidereal astrology. I was however able to collect these few articles that are actually quite telling and DO have the ‘Airy’ quality that I was looking for:

23 Feb 2011

No Twitter revolt for Central Asia’s closed regimes


“US Assistant Secretary Robert Blake issued a soft warning last week during a visit to Turkmenistan, marking the “”importance of free media and other such mechanisms”” in letting young people express themselves. “”It’s important for leaders in relatively closed societies to heed the lessons, to listen to the lessons of what’s happened in Tunisia and in Egypt,”” he said in Ashgabat.”

AM47 could be considered a somewhat revolutionary experiment in the field of metaphysics. It was very good to see the US State Department slip in a little Airy mojo, too.

28 Feb 2011

Turkmenistan establishes bedtime for university students

– Central Asia Newswire (CAN)

“Students in Turkmenistan have to be in bed by 11 p.m, as part of new restrictions placed on universities and secondary schools by Turkmen authorities. The new measures may otherwise be in reaction to nationwide riots underway in several Arab countries. Students are also barred from taking vacations abroad, speaking to foreign media or driving vehicles. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones with university campuses.”

Hyper-strict control of the intellect at the AM47 Point of Elemental Air.  Reported FROM the AM47 PoEA,  ON THE DATE OF the AM47 PoEA. The people are treated like children (another Airy association) and the intellectual population has just suffered another great blow of suppression.

01 Mar 2011

Turkmenistan to expand energy ties

– Pakistan Daily Mail

“Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan and his Turkmenian counterpart Baymyrat Hojamuhammedov on Tuesday pledged to further all-round cooperation, especially in energy sector.  China also expressed appreciation of Turkmenistan’s support for China on Taiwan-related and Tibet issues, and the combat against the “”East Turkistan”” terrorist forces.”

Everyone wants to get a piece of the enormous natural gas reserves of Turkmenistan/AM47 Point of Air. Just think of all the natural gas (gaseous… AIR) flowing out of this geographical point spreading out to all these surrounding places: Iran, Russia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, through Turkey to the EU and possibly even to the USA through India and even IRAN! So very much like Elemental Air to reach out and connect and communicate as far as possible. Even though the INTELLECTUAL communication is totally suppressed, the Earth itself speaks  unmistakable volumes.

02 Mar 2011

Popular singers sentenced to two years in prison in Turkmenistan

– freemuse.org

“In Turkmenistan the regime tries to suppress any initiative in every way. Artists have absolutely no rights. Some think that the pressure on young artists is linked to the President’s demand to strengthen ideological mentoring of youth. According to another version, the independence of young singers which does not fit into the accepted requirements and norms, inspire fear among the country’s leaders, especially given the recent developments in some Arab countries.”

Creative communications at the AM47 Point of Air are suffocated, and precious little information, much less contact opportunities are available… and for an occultist like myself, virtually nonexistant. But there are some great contact opportunities in this article which can give us a way to fight back at THIS very time of Elemental Air and mid-sidereal Aquarius right NOW!:

TURKMEN INITIATIVE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (TIHR) provides the international community with relevant information about Turkmenistan. Through a network of local correspondents, experts and human rights defenders, we publish news, reports, comments and analysis from and about the country. TIHR also disseminates alternative information from Turkmenistan-based sources and virtually acts as an independent non-governmental information agency. This newsletter has been funded by the Open Society Institute and the National Endowment for Democracy. All materials are available on the website “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” (www.chrono-tm.org). The service is currently available online in English and in Russian. Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights (TIHR), Dempschergasse 17/1/12, A-1180 Vienna, Austria; Phone: +43-1-944 1327, E-mail: turkmenistan_initiative@yahoo.com, website: www.chrono-tm.org.


+ A great bonus article back from 20 May 2007

Turkmenistan: Making a Bid for Cradle-of-Civilization Status

– eurasianet.org

“Religious life in Gonur-depe appears to have been complex, with ritual sheep sacrifices and separate temples dedicated to the elements of fire and water. According to Archaeologist Viktor Sarianidi, these rituals included the drinking of soma-haoma, a mind-bending brew believed to contain opium, ephedra, and a local narcotic. It was likely this beverage that Zoroaster criticized as he promoted his eponymous new religion, considered by some to be the world’s first monotheistic faith. Based on the soma-haoma connection and other links between Murgab society and descriptions in Zoroastrian texts, Sarianidi proposes that Gonur-depe was the religion’s birthplace.”

So the AM47 PoEA was all about social media/internet suppression, bedtime of the intellect, natural gas expansion and the suppression of creativity. And maybe, just maybe, there was a strange little electric-whirlwind out at a lonely point in the Black Sands Desert that only the cobras saw…

Stay Tuned…

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