Will the North Pole (AM47 Point of AETHYR) host the final conflict or unite humanity?

Pyramidaic earth

Divvying up the earth was fairly straightforward, but you can’t divide a single point.

It’s shaping up as yet another case of Alter or Oblivion. The pristine crystal crown of Gaia is melting fast, and the greedy humans can’t wait to perform a global trepanation and suck the black matter. All of a sudden, everyone is claiming the Arctic as their own. Divvying up the earth was fairly straightforward, but as the North Pole is just a point, it’s divide by zero. The circle emanates from the spiraling point. Will we draw a giant pentagram on top of the world and divide by 5? We may see some magic spring from this chaos yet, even if under the pretext of conflict.

Project ALTER MAN 47 has been using the North Pole as the AM47 Point of Alchemical AETHYR since July 2007. It is the tip of a *psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*. The pyramid or pentaform has 4 base corners around the planet at 37’47” N that astonishingly correspond perfectly with the 4 Classical Elements of Alchemy: FIRE = San Francisco, CA, WATER = The Japan Trench, AIR = Turkmenistan, EARTH = Azores. The plan was to alter an ex-military vessel to run on alt-fuel and fill it with a gang of counterculturalists to spread alt-culture, fuel, sustainable living, do-it-yourself inventions and whatever other utopian madness we could inflict. The voyage would take a year to circumnavigate the globe, hitting each of the 4 points, one every three months, and numerous ports along the way. Upon returning to San Francisco and closing the circle, the AM47 ship was to embark again up through the Bering Strait to Alert, Nunavut, Canada: the northernmost port on the planet and then on to the North Pole to celebrate in the AETHYR. Unfortunately, seemingly endless obstacles have effectively beached the dream that was too good to come true.

After all the hard work and uncanny Synchronicity, can this really be how it all ends? Really?? According to ancient Babylo-Egyptian sidereal astrology, the true Age of Aquarius is still another 366 years off. That’s a long wait for Utopia. But magic is real, faint in this world, but present nonetheless. It could be that this northern focus up to the Solar Apex and out into the future will trigger a surprise.

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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