Bridging the Occult Societies of San Francisco


“The Initiation” by John Dunivant

(08 June 2013) Today was the New Moon in Sidereal Taurus and the first organizational meeting of the San Francisco Holy Grail Society: a social club organized around the exploration and practice of occult mysteries including Rosicrucian, Wicca, hermetic sciences, Qabalah, Tantra, Gnosticism, & Shamanism.

We explored the notion of how Sacrifice for the future is necessary right Now. Sacrifice in it’s extreme form is physical death. We would rather see sacrifice as Change. Unless this change is identified and rapidly embraced, the necessity of physical death as fertilization is inevitable and welcome.

We must sacrifice our old self. We must break down our old selves and assemble someone new. We have the wrong diet, the wrong currency, the wrong governance, the wrong calendar, the wrong zodiac, the wrong energy, the wrong beliefs. Virtually Everything in so-called modern civilization is completely backwards leading us to have a wrong identity that must be sacrificed. We need a radical departure from the habitual waste of everyday existence. But just changing ourselves isn’t enough. We must quickly find new ways to gradually layer this process of sacrifice to make it appeal to others as well.

The past strangles the future. Society must adopt a vegetarian diet, a Bitcoin/Silver/barter based economy, 3rd party governance, a lunar calendar, the sidereal zodiac, a culture based around what alternative energy can provide instead of a runaway culture fueled by petrol, and direct spiritual experience instead of traditional belief. If 23% of the passionate population took to the streets and demanded these Alterations, we’d be living in an Alternate reality by 2014.

Folks need fresh, living myths in order to become more willing to change. They need evidenced stories of the power to manifest dreams and demonstrations of the work it takes to do it. They need stories of proof of non-localized consciousness and the value of seeking out such things. They need Destiny Journalism, Metafiction, & Speculative Fantasy. And they need ritual, ceremony, counseling, education, and initiation rites to inspire personal & cultural revelation.

There is evidence in literature and archeology of a Golden Age in earth’s past. After The Flood, coastal civilization would have been all but wiped out (which makes us largely the descendents of hill-billys). What were they doing differently in the Golden Age that we no longer do? One thing we know is that much of the remaining architecture is focused around the live observation of the heavens. Very few people take this seriously today and through all the smog and light pollution, there’s little desire to do so.

12,000 years ago at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, civilization was founded on an agreement of the stars in the heavens, and the future of civilization is no exception. Sacrifice is needed Now if humankind is ever to see The Age of Sidereal Aquarius, still some 363 years in the future.

The SF Bay Area is the once and future capitol of counterculture. Here are just a few of the currently active occult organizations in and around San Francisco that we might like to explore bridging to build continuity and the alignment of disparate intent:

The Temple Of Set is an institution designed to encourage the cultivation of self-Awareness in life transcending death. “The Temple of Set seeks above all to honor and enshrine consciousness. We wish to apprehend what makes us each individually unique and use this gift to make ourselves stronger in all facets of our being. To do this we preserve and improve the tradition of spiritual distinction from the cultural universe.”

The Holy Grail Society is a social club “organized around the exploration and practice of occult mysteries – Rosicrucian, Wicca, hermetic sciences, Qabalah, Tantra, Gnosticism, Shamanism. The Holy Grail Society is devoted to liberating the individual from the bondage of external morality, cleansing the doors of perception, revealing the true will of the divine Self.”

The San Francisco Astrological Society “serves as an educational, professional and social networking resource to the Bay Area (Tropical) Astrological community, providing an *affordable* monthly forum for people interested in astrology to gather and explore this *ancient language*.” Though the SFAS are still Tropical and not yet Sidereal astrologers, they do have a large participatory base primed for Alteration.

The Burning Man Project “is establishing an Urban Cultural Center in San Francisco that will provide collaborative gathering and gallery spaces, classrooms, workshops, a library, archives, sites for ritual and ceremony and shared office space for multiple community-based non-profit organizations.”

The Mission Astrology Group was founded in San Francisco and is the longest running gathering of Western Sidereal Astrologers in the world, currently active in various occult groups in SF.

Project ALTER MAN 47 is essentially a Synchronicity Generator and an experimental quest to help reset and raise Global Awareness. One tangible goal of AM47 is to provide an extreme example of creating culture around what sustainable, alternative energy can support as opposed to mindlessly fueling a runaway culture of excess.

All these and more to be added soon, so stay tuned!


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(14 June 2013) Just 6 days after I posted this, a brilliant interview aired on one of my favorite news shows (no, Not the Daily Show) with Dr. Rushkoff about Time and so much else. There are many fascinating parallels between my article “Bridging the Occult Societies of San Francisco” and this one on Thom Hartmann’s excellent show: The Big Picture. The interview: “Conversations with Great Minds: Dr. Rushkoff – When Everything Happens Now” is included here in 2 parts. Take a look at it and tell me what You think!!

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  1. Herman K Tanksley Says:

    Would love to gain entry. I have a fire burning inside that needs to bring this world into the new world.


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