100,000 Dolphins Mass Migrate South On The Longitude Of The AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE!

Thousands of Dolphins Seen Off Coast
I’m covering a piece on the unprecedented mass Dolphin migration currently going on in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, CA, and all Google gives me under a “dolphin” search is goddamnmotherfuckingshitstainedbitchbastard American Football!!!… I’m about to vomit a rib. It’s things like this that make me think that the bottom corner of the last page of an ancient litanal tome chronicling mankind’s obstentious relicing reek couldn’t even begin to do justice to the LEVEL of utter despise that I hold for most of humankind on this day! REEK!!!!!!

AaUuGgHh!!… What’s notable is that this mass-migration of 100,000 Dolphins south is Directly along the longitude of the AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE! This in conjunction of the Russian Meteor that just blazed down the longitude of the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR may well be significant beyond this authors rattled mystical sensitivity. But rest assured that I’ll be following this whale-tale to be sure.
AM47 Earth base w fool



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