The Shudder Season 1

The Edgar Cayce Earth-Change map of the west coast.

The Earth has a thin skin/
And the Ocean is her tear/
The lady shed creation/
And lost the MonkeI’s fear.

So, it’s no secret that I see the # 47 – All..The..Time – like, ridiculous amounts of the time. With the supernatural frequency of sighting 47, am I telling Me that I should move to New Mexico (the 47th state) before the real rock n’ roll Earth Change begins? I’ve had dreams (before I ever really looked at the above types of maps) of being up at my folks place in the hills west of Sebastopol, just north of San Francisco, which is right about on the coast of one of these supposed new islands of Kalifornia. In the dreams, the sea was either licking at the deck of their house from the valley below or some kind of dark deluge was overtaking the entire place. My visions and dreams have proven correct before, in nauseating detail… but when does one really pay heed to such visions and phantasies and stay sane in the *real* world.?. It’s enough to burst one’s brain all over creation. Still, if I can’t trust my instincts, then what can I trust??



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