The AM47 2 DO List Of Saving The World.

– Promoting, sharing, liking, commenting, collaborating, criticizing, volunteering, encouraging, empowering the multi-faceted project that is AM47.

– Completing multiple grant proposals and crowdsourcing prospects (BRAF, Indie GoGo, KickStarter, etc.)

– Crystalization of Intent and Purpose involving The Pentaform, AETHYR, 2014, and Project AM47 in general.- The production of a FIRE Ceremony on , in conjunction with the Burning Man Project and other local Bay Area creative entities.

– The development and implementation of FREE workshops on Sidereal Astrology, Alchemy, Ritual Magic and Extreme Collaborative Creativity to be held at the Burning Man Project headquarters in San Francisco.- eCollaborating with Burninja in Japan on an Elementally WATER focused gathering/ceremony to be held in Japan on 01 Dec 2012.

– Collaborating with Loyd Aurbach, Scott Onstot, etc., on the Alchemical significance of San Francisco.

– Collaborating with any number of the sister projects to AM47 including the NPIEE, EarthRace, Whale Wars, Burning Man, etc.

– Exploring the potential of sponsorship from various Alt-Energy companies.

– Making contacts and founding sponsorship in Myanmar/Burma, a major new country/market for Alt-Energy located on the course of AM47.

– Collaborating with Azorean Point of EARTH filmmaker Gonçalo Tocha, Turkmenistani Point of AIR filmmaker Anastasis Agathos, Japanese Point of WATER filmmaker Dr Masaru Emoto, and many more.

– & Much, much more… tip of the iceberg and waaay too much for any one person to tackle…((soul-sigh)). Step up to the altar and bring your expertise to this Round Table.

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