A Final Push Statement for ALTER MaN 4 7

The beginning of the end (of the beginning.?.) of ALTER MaN 4 7: A Final Push Statement for AM47.

Friday 02 Sep 2011 will be the ALTER MaN 4 7 Point of Elemental Fire in S.F., CA, and the start of the 2nd and Final attempt of the AM47 Alchemical Circumnavigation of the Globe. Thursday 17 Nov 2011 will be about the latest possible departure date to voyage West over the sea and make it to the Japan Trench in time for the AM47 P.o.E. Water on Friday 02 Dec 2011. This is about second chances only… there are no third time charms for this dream.

After 17 Nov 2011, I will stop asking for help in trying to literally sail around the world with project AM47. And though that day will be like the death of a child… the death of a world to me, I will focus instead on contacting folks already located at the 5 points around the world to see if I can interest them in participating locally, and perhaps I’ll even be able to make arrangements to fly to each point myself and the prescribed dates. But if I can’t arrange anyone (either with or without me) to sail out from Japan to that point on 02 Dec 2011, then project AM47 will only exist as a fading anomaly of reality and will see it’s future as the forthcoming metafictive tale: The Familiar.

Please, pass my tale onto any genuinely mystically or otherwise inclined folks you know who might want or need to help me make this dream more real. Thank You.

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