Air France Flight 447: Final dying moments revealed

Flight AF447 went down almost exactly 2 years ago on the exact date AND at the same longitude of my proposed AM47 Point of Elemental Earth in the Azores (which occurs again in 5 days on 01 Jun 2011 in the Azores).  When 3 or more points converge then you have Synchronicity and higher meaning: here we have the date, location and 47 significator all converging at once within a preconceived notion – project ALTER MaN 4 7. Unfortunately, the higher portent here was: Doom. The plane encountered severe thunderstorms and climbed after the autopilot was disengaged (because the speed sensors froze in the big storm), stalled and remained stalled during its three-and-a-half-minute descent into the Atlantic Ocean. We, too, are doomed unless we speed-up our awareness and alter our course from the giant coming storm. And that we no longer rely on those old mechanized forms that are failing us.

Here is the full Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) report (pdf).

Air France Flight 447: Final dying moments revealed – International Business Times.

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