Something EARTH undertaken.

When the Sun aligns with the direct center or “Angel Point” of sidereal Taurus, the Point of Elemental Earth can be expected to manifest in or somewhere among the volcanic island archipelago of the Azores. The next PoEE is on 01 Jun 2011. On 30 May 2012, the AM47 ship is scheduled to arrive in the Azores to observe & celebrate Elemental Earth. Then the ship will continue its circumnavigation of the globe to arrive back in San Francisco on 01 Sep 2012 to complete the circle. After that, AM47 will again set sail in late Sep 2012 for Alert, Nunavut and the top of the world for the Point of Elemental AEther and the Gateway of Arcturus on 17 Oct 2012.

Here are some particularly Earthy facts about the Azores:

1. The Azores are considered by many to possibly be the mountaintops of the legendary “lost civilization/continent” of Atlantis.

A reconstruction of the main island of Plato’s Atlantis by raising the contoured sea-bed around the islands of the Azores.

2. The Azores are the highest peaks of earth along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge

3. The various tales of “the earth coming out of the sea” and the volcanic creation of new land and new islands in the Azores. And the sinking of others.

Base surge and eruptive column at Calelinhos in the Azores.

4. I dreamed of these islands in 2007… of the big underground caverns and of the ranting land-developer clearly stating “We’re starting a restaurant here! Not the food of Jesus!”. Then I discovered that there actually is a traditional Azorean cooking technique for making “Holy Spirit Soups” within cracks in the hot volcanic earth! Just as I had dreamed.

Atlantis Capitol

5. An international team of scientists converged on the Azores in 2008 to form a revolutionary joint mission institute to study global warming and earth changes.

The School for Marine Science and Technology

6. The Azores were the first stop for the Earthrace vessel on its alt-fuel race around the globe in 2008. Earthrace also happens to have had basically the same circumnavigatory route as ALTER MaN 47.

The Earthrace vessel in 2008 while on it’s record breaking alternative fuel race around the world.
The Earthrace vessel just before it sank in 2010, after being rammed by a Japanese whaling ship.

7. On 23 May 2010, the LOST television series came to a close. In this final episode, on a time-travelling/teleporting/reality altering island, the hero plugged a hole in the “Heart of the Island” that sure looked like a Point of Elemental Earth if ever one did see one…

The Point of Elemental Earth, LOST style.

8. Azorean Atlantis…

9. ?

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