Something AEther one way AND another.

AM47 will set sail in late Sep 2012 for Alert, Nunavut and the top of the world for The Point of Elemental AEther and The Gateway of Arcturus on 17 Oct 2012.

1. The Solar Apex: The current direction that we ALL travel.

2. The Gateway of Arcturus and it’s relation to the AM47 time scheme, celestial Lat & Long, North Pole location, etc.

3. Alert, Nunavut is the northernmost permanent habitation on earth. Alter~Alert!

4. The North Pole Inner-Earth Expedition. A sister expedition to the North Pole for slightly different reasons.

5. The “global superpowers” race for the “energy” at the North Pole.

6. Laurie Anderson gives a thumbs-up!

7. ?

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