The 7 Densities of AWareness within the Torus

torus field.gif

Spiritual AWareness (or simply AWARENESS {AW} as everything is ultimately spiritual) can be divided into 7 DENSITIES (as differentiated from dimensions, which are purely mathematical):


1st Density = AWarenesS as a Point IN Atomic Matter.

(this is the fundamentally *static* station of AW.

The elements, minerals, the base level of physical matter.)


2nd Density = AWareneSS as a Ray OF Atomic Matter.

(this is the first curiously deviant voyage of AW.

Biological life, most species within the plant and animal kingdom.)


3rd Density = AWareNESS as a Vessel WITH Atomic Matter.

(this is the birth of the ego and Self-AWareness.

The current level of AW that most *humans* and cetaceans occupy.)


4th Density = AWarEness as a Course BEYOND Atomic Matter.

(this is the misty territory of AW that we feel as Synchronicity 4.

Creatures on a mission, Destiny, alternate/dream realities begin.)


5th Density = AWaREness as a Grid BETWEEN Atomic Matter.

(this is the first *non-physical* level2phase-particle2wave AW.

Souls, ghosts, spirits and successful occupants of the AEthyr exist here.)


6th Density = AWAREness as a Bond WITHOUT Atomic Matter.

(this is progressing the Self broadcast as the Whole AW.

Ascendent Masters, Christ Consciousness, AW as the Whole.)


7th Density = AWARENESS as the Source BEYOND Atomic Matter.

(this is the all-pervasive-superstate of AW as Omniscience 7.

Complete integration of the Self and the Whole… 47!)


Take a close look at the Torus.gif above as it is the fundamental pattern of energy-flow in the universe: Torus

Can you spot the 7 DENSITIES within it?

1st Density is the central green point up.
2nd Density is the next yellow phase up.
3rd Density is the next pink phase up.
4th Density is the blooming indigo phase.
5th Density is the event horizon on down.
6th Density is the extant field surround.
7th Density is the upward recombinant ALL



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