Occultist Manly P. Hall foresaw Project ALTER MAN 47


(The following is from the finale of a lecture I transcribed by Occultist Manly P. Hall titled Orientation of Hermetic Philosophy (1947?). Please Read This (and/or LISTEN!) and You Will come to understand EXACTLY what I AM on about in attempting to manifest the likes of Project ALTER MAN 47.)

“What was the actual wisdom orientation of the ancient pyramid builders?
Were the individuals involved in such revelations actually as wise as some think they were or as foolish as some others think they were??
Can we honestly say today that those people knew anything that we do Not know???
Affirmatively: YES.
Because actually, in order to exhaust what they knew we have to exhaust something which we have not yet exhausted, and that is the instrument by means of which we are capable of Creative Knowing.
It is one thing to copy the past, which we have done.
But sometime, somewhere, someone created geometry.
This creation consisted not of bringing something out of nothing but of a peculiar type of trained intuitive observationalism by means of which a human being suddenly recognized the universe as a geometric manifestation of universal energy.
This individual had the power to see geometry in nature… or sense it, or begin to organize it (and to share it!).
Somewhere, there were Basic Thoughts, as in the basic thought of the 47th proposition of Pythagoras.
Somewhere, there was a series of creative impulses by which that appeared which was not previously available.
We have not exhausted antiquity until we have reached a point where we can create knowledge, rather than merely extend existing knowledge.
But as long as man merely Uses preconceived knowledge, he has lacked that tremendous creativity which is the basis of the wisdom of antiquity: The power to be the First to know something.
Thus the end of all knowing according to the Hermetic system is that man will NOT think About god or think Of god but think WITH god: The universal divine intellect.
And this statement still poses one of the most difficult situations with which we can intellectually be confronted, because we cannot even understand fully what this implication actually is.
But we do know that from the past, this creativity lay within consciousness itself, was not acquired but was innate, and that the solution to all things lies in the innate solutional power of the universal mind in man.
The idea of this one consciousness, the author of all knowledge, this one mind, the substance of all good, and of course with it all, the vision of the way in which man, through the development of the special and particular faculties of his own consciousness, might in some way and in due time obtain to identity with this mind.
Such is the burden of “the shepherd of man” in relating The Theurgical Part – The Magic of Fulfillment, The Magic of Doing.
The magic not of listening nor learning, but the strange power to be one with truth.
Men dreamed of the possibility of bringing their own consciousness in rapport with the universal consciousness.
And the secret books of Hermes and the mysteries of the Hermetic doctrine, were in one way or another concealed in this or were concerned with it.
Thus, the moment we apply this key to Alchemy we change the entire perspective of these “chemists”: the transmutation of ignorance, the transmutation of not knowing into the state of pure enlightenment, the creation of the universal medicine – Truth itself, which alone can heal all the sickness of ignorance.
And the primary contribution of the Hermetic philosophy was that such a Truth Elixir was possible.
That it was not the vain speculation of deluded persons, that it was not a hope beyond possibility, but that Truth substantially was obtainable.
That the motion toward Truth was the motion toward solution of every problem internal and external as far as problem could beset man or any of his attributes.
Thus the Hermetic Arts consisted of the arts of Regeneration (and Alteration!).
Reception of the Hermetic Doctrine causes a person to be the personification of the truth seeker receiving into themself the experience peculiar to those who through dedication have become worthy of the truth.
Universal mind becomes the teacher instructing the disciple in the obtainment of the great end of learning, which is The Hermetic Union (The Alchemical Marriage): the union of the mortal and the immortal in an indesolvable bond of AMITY.

~ by Manly P. Hall (in 1947?), Investigative Mythologist and Occult Curator (and Future Proponent of AM47!)


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Project ALTER MAN 47 is the visionary voyage of an alt-fueled ship on a unique mission to circulate *alt-tech+culture* around the world; Borne of a dream & guided by astonishing Synchronicity to include an ancient Alchemical process within humankind’s emerging potential to truly change. The AM47 crew aim to further generate Synchronicity and help alter earth’s destiny by circumnavigating the globe to exalt *The AM47 Pentaform : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*.

The Alchemical Great Work has remained an elusive spiritual mystery. It is the core of an evolutionary metaphysical experiment developing right now. Central to the Great Work are the 4 Classical Elements and the 7 Inner Planets. Four locations in perfect formation around the globe are naturally and profoundly manifesting characteristics of each of the 4 Elements. (This Elemental pattern is found no where else on the planet and is in the correct ordering of Alchemical transformation.) A voyage is being organized to circumnavigate the globe and link these locations in order to generate, observe, dedicate and send these magical forces into Awareness by completing *The AM47 Pentaform: A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*. The cycle of project AM47 annually begins again on 02 Sep 2013 (& 01 Sep 2014, etc.).

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