Sidereal Scorpio:

RIP Alexander… Your descriptions of the Sidereal Signs remain my favorites.

Western Sidereal Astrology


The Sun is in the Constellation of SCORPIO:

Archetypal Zodiac: Seventh Constellation and Starhouse:

To Know To Dare And To Be Silent:

Burning restraint and implacable intentions vibrate in the depths of your deeply magnetic being. It is you against the world no matter how you present yourself outwardly. Your position in the world is a power position, even if you don’t have any, which is unlikely. You think that doing things the hard way is the right way. But that isn’t always true as life is slowly teaching you.

Early in life you realized that most others are unable to read you. Equally early you awakened to adult desires. This encouraged you to test the limits of people’s intelligence, patience and vulnerability. You discovered that you could get away with almost anything. Except disastrously sometimes you run into someone who can see straight through you and this always…

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