The late 2013 developments of ALTERMAN47 : The Alchemical Voyage!

AM47 Earth base w fool

The late 2013 developments of ALTERMAN47 : The Alchemical Voyage! in no exact order, yet…

FIRE = San Francisco, CA

1. Treasure Island, San Francisco: the place that was to be the home port of the AM47 ship and sacred ground of an Alchemical FIRE ceremony is contaminated with radiation.

2. The Burning Man Project San Francisco has moved and apparently downscaled. The new BMP HQ is sadly now a much less ambitious project.

3. The once (and future?) capitol of counterculture: San Francisco, is now just the mecca of Banal Techie Doucholes.

4. The Vortex Room and Ouija Club, both potential hangouts for AM47 related esoteric meetings in San Francisco are both under pressure to cave under landlords.

5. Nice new article on The Magic of Burning Man is worth further study…

WATER = Japan Trench, northern coastal Japan, Fukushima

1. Tamu Massif, the biggest volcano on the planet, is discovered right near the AM47 Point of WATER.

2. Highly dangerous nuclear decommissioning of Fukushima and endless radioactive water leakage continues unabated… a misstep would trigger the evacuation of the west coast of the united states which would probably lead to Civil War II and the subsequent end of everything.

3. Comet ISON confirmed DOA on the EXACT day of the AM47 Point of WATER AND directly in mid-sidereal Scorpio… an ill omen.

4. The Fukushima Wave is set to hit the west coast in 2014.

AIR = Turkmenistan/Iran

1. The new deal with Iran looks promising, so long as the most dangerous people on earth: The American Religious Right, don’t ruin it. Without peace with Iran, the AM47 voyage there will be impossible.

EARTH = The Azores

1. Massive undersea Azorean/Atlantean pyramid turns out to be a ‘natural formation’ (or so says the military anyhow). This, combined with the Fukushima catastrophe, pretty much killed project AM47 for good.

AETHYR = North Pole/Solar Apex/Heavens Above

1. Lookin’ up and lookin’ dark… lookin’ dark.


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