20 Dark Portents from 2006-2014 directly related to the delay of Project ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage


The world was relatively stable in 2007. The 47 year old “Change” candidate was winning and there was an aire of hope. Project ALTER MAN 47 was bourne of a dream in mid-2007 and I felt like I had finally found my true calling.

I had from that July 2007 until November 15th, which was the latest possible date to launch the AM47 ship from San Francisco/Point of FIRE and make it to the Japan Trench/Point of WATER on December 1st 2007, the middle of Sidereal Scorpio. Though I knew it was a long shot, I did try to do the impossible in those 4 months but I wasn’t surprised to fail at that 1st attempt of the AM47 Alchemical Voyage.

15 NOV 2013 will mark the 7th failed attempt to launch AM47… 7 years gone by.

Over the past 7 years this world has taken another turn for the worse.

Here are 20 Dark Portents directly tied into the framework of Project AM47:

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1. (31 JUL 2006) Iran sanctions begin in earnest worsening ALL Middle Eastern relations to this day @ Point of AIR


2. (2008) The 2008 Recession effectively cancelled funding for any experimental projects such as AM47.


3. (2008) Piracy on the high seas was rampant, dashing the safety of the AM47 ship.

4. (29 FEB 2008) The environmental tragedy of the Aral Sea, as it was all but completely evaporated @/during Point of AIR

5. (12 MAR 2008) The battle for energy supremacy begins at the North Pole – future site of oil and water conflict @ Point of AETHYR


6. (01 JUN 2009) Air France Flight 447 crashes, killing all 228 passengers on-board @/during Point of EARTH


7. (15 AUG 2009) Even the film The Cove fails to stop the cetacean slaughter in Japan… No Mercy @ Point of WATER


8. (02 SEP 2010) The San Bruno Fireball left 9 dead and 100’s injured @/during Point of FIRE


9. (21 SEP 2010) A strange 47ft hybrid whale washes up dead @ Point of FIRE


10. (18 DEC 2010) The self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi sparks the Arab Spring resulting in countless deaths and chaos across the Middle East to this day @ Point of AIR


11. (10 MAR 2011) The Fukushima disaster’s epicenter was directly on the Point of WATER


12. (17 MAY 2012) NASA finds 47,000 potentially dangerous asteroids that threaten life on planet earth @ Point of AETHYR


13. (01 SEP 2012) A terrifying red winged death-angel appeared on the western horizon just after a FIRE ceremony @/during Point of FIRE


14. (16 SEP 2012) Arctic sea-ice is at the lowest levels ever recorded @ Point of AETHYR


15. (15 FEB 2013) The Chelyabinsk Meteor reigned destruction from the skies @/during Point of AIR


16. (17 MAR 2013) The biggest impact explosion ever recorded on the Moon occurred when the Moon was in the middle of Sidereal Taurus/EARTH

17. (01 SEP 2013) The Great Yosemite Rim Fire (3rd largest in California history) ignited on the 1st day of Sidereal Leo on the exact latitude of San Francisco/Point of FIRE and burned ferociously and continuously for 30 days throughout the entire sign of Sidereal Leo, then rapidly ceased growing.


18. (28 NOV 2013) Comet ISON (will) be closest to planet earth @/during Point of WATER


19. (01 JUN 2014) A volcanic eruption and/or earthquake emanating from the Azores and/or the Canary Islands (will) trigger a massive tsunami that will wipe-out the East Coast of the USA @/during Point of EARTH


20. (16 OCT 2014) A mass coronal ejection from the Sun (will) hit planet earth @/during Point of AETHYR

21. .?.

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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