An international troupe of Tribal Fest belly-dancers would be the perfect landing crew of Project ALTER MAN 47!


A Misstic Trine from Tribal Fest 2013.

I was back in the Shire/Sebastopol visiting me mum in May 2013 and discovered Tribal Fest! Unfortunately I only caught the first day before I hadda return to work in San Francisco but WOW! What a fine thing!!
TF inspired me to consider the ambassadorial capacity that a troupe of international belly-dancers might bestow upon a certain Alchemical Voyage by sea.
I’ve been producing a Voyage Around The Globe on a BIG Ship filled with many wonders. An international troupe of belly-dancers would be the perfect ice-breaker/heart-boiler landing crew of Love-Marines!
I know, I know, it sounds wild, but I’ve actually been developing this project called ALTER MAN 47 since 2007. Now gather ye dreams and stress ye spirit for yer about to know the greatest adventure of all time.!.

AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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click>>>  AM47!


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