Hardcore self-analysis using Kenneth Bowser’s fantastic book “An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology”.


Basic Sidereal Astrology by Kenneth Bowser.

I’m systematically analyzing my Sidereal Astrological birth horoscope using my friend Kenneth Bowser‘s fantastic book “An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology”. The ancient’s said “know thyself” and this simple statement can be carried to a profound level of self-Awareness. I’ve been an intermediate sidereal astrologer for years now, opportunistically working with the Classical Elements and the deeper symbology of the Occult from Runes to Dowsing. Taking the time to use Ken’s book to deconstruct the astrological influences upon the core of my being is proving essential to the destiny of my Self. Keep an open mind and give Sidereal Astrology a chance while you take a hard, cold look at yourself. If everyone else had the balls to do this then we’d be living in an altered reality right now.

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