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< *Please Note* If I don’t reach my $4,700 goal by 26 February 2013, your contribution will be refunded! If successful, all your contributions will go toward the creation of:

  • A Business Plan

  • A Professional Website & Video

  • Professional Design Assistance

  • Editorial & Publicity Assistance

  • Overall Project Optimization

I have worked hard on this project for the past 5 years and I have no intention of spoiling my good name by squandering your contribution. Thank You & Wild Wishing!! >


The Alchemical Voyage!

The Alchemical Great Work by Basil Valentine

AM47 IS unlike anything You’ve ever seen before and holds every dream you’ve ever held dear. On the outside, AM47 is the voyage of an alt-fueled ex-military cargo ship around the globe. The ship will be retrofitted in a Burning Man & Maker Faire style, loaded with innovative & interactive alt-living tech & culture exhibits onboard. The purpose is to spread & share alternative & sustainable culture and make powerful cross-cultural connections at all the ports that we’ll visit around the globe… & We’ll Film It All!

The White Holly ship decked-out with a Tesla Coil, Pyro-Technic Sculptures, psychedelic lighting and wonderful freaks.

On the inside this is literally the actualization of a Dream that I had. The idea was sparked by an actual dream and blossomed through the uncanny Synchronicity in the research and development that followed. All the alt-fuel, living, tech, art and culture clothe a deeper mystery that will only be revealed in The Process of being underway and completing the voyage.

The Synchronicity inherent in the project is too expansive to detail here but I can honestly tell you that the synergistic connectivity literally verges into the supernatural and I can only encourage you to scan through the pages and you’ll begin to see what I mean.

The 4 Alchemical activation points spanning the 7 Seas!

In essence, AM47 is the mystic voyage of an alt-fueled ship, bourne of a Dream & enhanced by astonishing Synchronicity toward a far more Magical view of humankind’s Alchemical capability of true change. AM47 aims to further generate Synchronicity and alter the world by exalting ‘ The Pentaform ※ : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia ’.

Alter Humankind?

I’m an investigative mythologist & I’ve spent the past 5 years chronicling the development of this Project ALTER MAN 47 about an unprecedented & utterly fantastic circumnavigation of the globe. This project came from a Dream & the Synchronicity inherent in the project continues to be uncanny & undeniable, all true & documented at The project is a synergy of both esoteric disciplines and practical do-it-yourself sustainable technology. AM47 is an umbrella project for creative metaphysicians of all types.

We need a roughly 300ft decommissioned military cargo vessel with an alt-fuel conversion & a Burning Man styled & Maker Faire equipped retrofit. We’ll fill the ship with a wide variety of innovative & interactive alt-living tech, art & culture exhibits. The ultimate plan is to circumnavigate the globe to a set host of ports along a very particular course and time schedule.

A front loading military Ro/Ro Ship (roll-on, roll-off) that would be perfect for AM47. We would build-out the entire cargo space with all the various installations and compact berthing spaces for the crew.

The ship will be a platform for alt-fuel, tech, art & culture featuring fellow creative visionaries from the Burning Man & Maker Faire community & beyond. The cargo bay will be transformed into a kind of Alchemical chamber with a tour path for visitors to be immersed in all the interactive exhibits & be Dream-Struck & Altered coming out the other end! The crew of the AM47 will all act as ambassadors & demonstrators in the areas of alternative energy, sustainable living, Next Phase culture & extreme collaborative creativity.

Activated Alchemical Point

The ultimate purpose of the project is to give a symbol to the creation of a mystically charged global network of humankind: People who have become connected and are passionate about cultivating a sea-grassroots movement in agreement with the future of Earthkind by implementing all the wonderful tech and culture that the AM47 ship can share. That and to fulfill a deep blue dream and burning desire of a lad that has refused to grow into this profoundly sick society without first healing it.

What AM47 Needs & What You Get

AM47 is by necessity, a multi-phase project. Something of this scale could be done no other way on IndieGoGo, or otherwise. So this is essentially Phase 1 of 5:

Your contributions now will fund the creation of a professional website & video, and professional design, editorial & PR/publicity assistance including a Business Plan, all for $4,700 raised by 26 February 2013.

Phase 2 will be about developing the production company for the project for $47,000 by @ April 2013.

If Phase 2 is successful, I’d imagine that the project would then fall into the graces and funding of executive producers and fall outside of the reach of crowdsourcing, but who knows?

Phase 3 will be about amassing the crew of filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, mystics, freaks, lovers, fishermen & perhaps most importantly, benefactors & sponsors needed to populate the ship for $470,000 by @ May 2013.

Phase 4 will be about acquiring the actual ship & giving it a retrofit and alt-fuel conversion for $4,700,000 by early-October 2013.

Phase 5 will be about the ships operating cost over the 1 year course of the voyage & the production of the documentary films while underway & to follow.

The 7 Inner Planets of Alchemy exalted by Hermes Trismegistus, the Trixter/Magician.

Again, by the time we reach Phase 3, 4 & 5, we’ll have theoretically secured funding from beyond crowdsourcing in order to see the project through to completion.

Perks for contributions will include articles on You & your interest in this world-shaking project, as well as insider information and whatever else I can dream up for you. Plus a variety of perks associated with AM47 including silver coins (atomic#47), fine 47 Wines, cool techie 47 Flashlights, Alchemical Tarot Decks, elegant and unique 47 Timepieces from fine Swiss watchmakers Fortis & more on down the line as sponsors are acquired.

If we don’t reach the goal at each Phase then you will have the option of leaving the funds with me which will continue to go toward the stated goal OR you will be refunded in full. You have nothing to loose and dreams to gain.

The Global Impact of AM47

AM47 aims to help change the world by trusting that the fascinating & undeniably meaningful Synchronicity that’s associated with the development of the project thus far continues to evolve into truly legendary experiences, captured & broadcast on digital film & otherwise online.
AM47 is:

  • Occult Dream Actualization!

  • Proof of Non-Entirely Localized Consciousness!!

  • Massive Demonstration of Synchronicity In Effect!!!

  • Ancient Magical practice brought to Awareness to help combat the seemingly hopeless state of the future of humankind!!!!

This Cosmate by Unknown

This is Your chance to Share & be a part of an astonishing adventure that is on the frontier of the Next Phase of reality itself! Although no one has ever done anything quite like this before, I am an experienced world traveler & I’ve lived on ships before. My dedication & credentials as a seeker & my skill as a journalist, investigative mythologist & everything regarding AM47 thus far is & will continue to be documented at!

Awareness & Sharing Are More Valuable Than Anything

The folks who believe in a project aren’t usually the ones with the cash. More important than anything is the Awareness of the project and that you Share it with others whom you think might dig it. Please use the Indiegogo Share tools below & stay abreast of the project by subscribing to !

Solstice Machine

~Wild Wishing! Jack

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