Why Is 47 The Most Frequent Random Number?

The first early voter in the crucial swing state of Ohio was sportin’ the 47. At that moment, President Obama had it in the bag.

The number 47 is the most frequent random number in nature. But how can this be? I suppose that out of infinite numbers then some number must bubble-up to the surface most often but why 47? It seems so… random. 47 is synonymous with “all the time”. Why? It just is. But that’s not good enough for me.

The 4th 7 in pi is in the 47th position.

The 47 Society are working on this mystery. I see 47 All The Time… all the way down to catching my digital watch at 47 seconds @ 93% of the time! NOT an exaggeration. How is this possible and what does it mean? And those who are paying attention are seeing the randomness of 47 on the rise.

47 is becoming increasingly popular in entertainment as well as in real-life.

We could start at the atomic level. The atomic number of Silver is 47: 47 electrons orbit Silver’s core. Silver is the most electrically conductive of all known elements. Silver is electrical hyper-connectivity. When I wear silver I definitely shock everything a lot more. So what is electricity? We know how to direct it, Tesla-kinda, but we don’t know what it IS.

Silver nanoparticles in solar cells.

47 figures heavily into The Alchemical Great Work. Basically 4 is the material and 7 is the spiritual: The 4 Classical Elements & The 7 Inner Planets… the marriage of the Earth & Sky is deeply astrological and alchemical. And 47 extends from the atomic level all the way up to this planet, from the 4 Corners of the Earth via the 7 Seas and beyond.



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One Response to “Why Is 47 The Most Frequent Random Number?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Check out the book Route 47 at Amazon.com. A novel about life, death, family, and of course the number 47. YOU WILL BELIEVE


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