The ALTER MaN 4 7 Point of Elemental EARTH in the Azores is tomorrow.

A reconstruction of the main island of Plato’s Atlantis by raising the contoured sea-bed around the islands of the Azores.


Four locations in perfect cross-quarter formation around the world are naturally manifesting the characteristics of the 4 Classical Elements of ALCHEMY. The goal of Project ALTER MaN 4 7 (AM47) is to film the voyage of an alt-fuel ship that will circumnavigate the globe to connect all four of these points, one every three months, over the course of a year and in so doing help raise the spiritual Awareness of mankind. The timing of the voyage is set to the ancient Egyptian/sidereal astrological year. Departing from the Point of FIRE in San Francisco, to the Point of WATER off the coast of Japan, to the Point of AIR in Turkmenistan, to the Point of EARTH in the Azores, and back to the Point of FIRE in San Francisco to complete the circle.

When the Sun aligns with the direct center or “Angel Point” of sidereal Taurus, the Point of Elemental EARTH (PoEE) can be expected to manifest in the remote volcanic island archipelago of the Azores, the highest mountaintops in the Atlantic Ocean. The next PoEE is on 30 May 2012 (and then again on 29 May 2013, etc.). The AM47 ship was scheduled to have sailed from the Point of AIR in Turkmenistan (just north of Iran) and arrive in the Azores by late-May 2012. The AM47 ship was then to navigate to 37.47 N, -32.28 W for the PoEE on 30 May 2012. This point lies just west of the islands of Corvo and Terciera, the site of recently discovered ancient hypogea (underground tombs) and underground temples dedicated to the Phoenecian lunar goddess Tanit. The Azores are considered by many to possibly be the mountaintops/capitol of the legendary lost civilization/continent of Atlantis. There, the crew of the AM47 was/is to generate, observe, dedicate and send Elemental EARTH into Awareness.

The AM47 ship was then to continue its circumnavigation of the globe back to the Point of FIRE in San Francisco. After a successfully documented and magically transformative journey around the world, the ship was to again set sail north in late-Sep 2012 for Alert, Nunavut , the northernmost inhabited city on the planet near the North Pole, for the Point of Elemental AETHER and the Gateway of Arcturus on 17 Oct 2012 (and then again on 16 Oct 2013, etc.), thus completing The Pentaform: A Psycho-Cosmic Pyramid Crowning Gaia. Although funding for the journey was not secured for this years attempt, the cycle begins anew each year and Project AM47 will try again for a scheduled departure on 01 Sep 2012 (and then again on 31 Aug 2013, etc.) from San Francisco’s FIRE.


EARTHy facts about the Azores:

1. (Ancient) The Azores are considered by many to possibly be the mountaintops of the legendary “lost civilization/continent” of Atlantis.

A reconstruction of the main island of Plato’s Atlantis by raising the contoured sea-bed around the islands of the Azores.

2. (Ancient) The Azores are the highest peaks of earth along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

3. (Early C.E.) Pentecost commemorates the Descent of the Holy Spirit from Heaven upon the Twelve apostles, the Virgin Mary and other followers of Jesus on Earth, and marks the beginning of the Church. During the Descent, while those on whom the Spirit had descended were speaking in tongues, God is heard saying: “And in the last days, I will pour out my spirit upon every sort of flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.”

The present day religious feast of Pentecost (aka. the 50th day) is celebrated seven weeks after Easter Sunday (27 May 2012, etc.). Easter (aka. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection) takes place on the first Sunday following the first full moon following the vernal equinox. In the West, the earliest possible date of Pentecost is May 10 and the latest possible date is June 13. The Sun is currently in sidereal Taurus from May 15 to June 16. The AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH in the Azores (Mid-sidereal Taurus) currently falls on the end of May or the beginning of June, which places it squarely in the middle of the date-range of Pentecost! This year the AM47 PoEE falls on 30 May 2012.

The Cult of the Holy Spirit is a religious sub-culture developed in the Azores, inspired by Christian millenarian mystics. The worship of the Holy Spirit (aka. IHVH: Fire, Water, Air, Earth) is it’s central doctrine. According to a prophecy, a “third age” would be governed by the Holy Spirit and would represent a monastic governance in which the hierarchy of the Church would be unnecessary and infidels would unite with Christians. These theories became associated with the Franciscan Order and feared by the hierarchy of the Church, which is falling right now :) The Cult of the Holy Spirit is not dependent on the formal organization of the Church, nor are the clergy needed to participate in the practices; there are no intermediaries between the devotees and the Divine.

There are many festivals in the Azores. The most common festival is the Holy Ghost Festival or ‘Festa do Divino Espirito Santo’ which is held on Pentecost. This festival celebrates the “third person of the Godhead” and is a day for some lucky poor person (usually a child) to be named Empress or Emperor for a day. The new royalty is crowned and adorned in silver and escorted through the streets with a cow (Taurus!) decorated with colourful paper flowers, to the local church where a Mass is said. The celebrants then move the Procession to the local fellowship hall where the silver adornments are moved to the Altar. Then a special meal of Holy Ghost Soup or ‘Sopas do Espirito Santo’ is distributed to all in need. The Soup is made from ritually prepared beef cattle (Taurus!) specifically killed for the event. Holy Ghost Soup is traditionally prepared in large bowls set in volcanically active craters. Festivities commence with a uniquely Azorean Bullfight (Taurus!) with ropes instead of swords :)

According to legend, King Arthur always gathered all his knights at the round table for a feast and a quest on Pentecost: “So ever the king had a custom that at the feast of Pentecost in especial, afore other feasts in the year, he would not go that day to meat until he had heard or seen of a great marvel.”

Goethe declared Pentecost “das liebliche Fest” – the lovely Feast. He spoke of Pentecost as a time of greening and blooming in fields, woods, hills, mountains, bushes and hedges, of birds singing new songs, meadows sprouting fragrant flowers, and of festive sunshine gleaming from the skies and coloring the earth.

Western depiction of the Pentecost, painted by Jean Restout, 1732

4. (Mid 20th Century) The various tales of “the earth coming out of the sea”. The volcanic creation of new land and new islands in the Azores. And the sinking of others.

Base surge and eruptive column at Calelinhos in the Azores.

5. (early 2007) I dreamed about these islands in 2007 before I knew anything about them. You can read about my visionary dream here: Delta & Dawn Dream.
(*03 Mar 2011. How on earth did I not see this before? I was just going back over a timeline of events and made a striking realization about the date of the appearance of the whales Delta & Dawn and my visionary dream which was on @ 30 May 2007, almost the exact same day that I would soon discover to be the AM47 Point of Elemental Earth in the Azores/Atlantis!)

The Capitol of Atlantis

6. (Mid 2008) An international team of scientists converged on the Azores in 2008 to form a revolutionary joint mission institute to study global warming and earth changes.

The School for Marine Science and Technology

7. (Late 2008) The Azores were the first stop for the Earthrace vessel on its alt-fuel race around the globe in 2008. Earthrace also happens to have had basically the same circumnavigatory route that AM47 will.

The Earthrace vessel in 2008 while on it’s record breaking alternative fuel race around the world.
The Earthrace vessel just before it sank in 2010, after being rammed by a Japanese whaling ship.

8. (01 Jun 2009) Air France Flight 447 disintegrated due to unknown circumstances over the Atlantic Ocean today, killing all 228 people on board. 31 May – 01 Jun 2009 was to be the peak day (the day when the Sun was directly in line with the center of sidereal Taurus) of my proposed Elemental Earth ceremony part of AM47, after our ship was to have finally reached the Azores archipelago. On 01 Jun 2009, AF Flight 447 disintegrated directly over the equator and directly longitudinally in line with The Point of Earth in the Azores. I had written about the ‘grid-lines’ extending out along the longitude and latitude of all 5 Elemental Points. The plane was flying west to east, which is in the opposite direction of the proposed course of AM47. On 01 Jun 2009 I was made certain that my quest had flown in the face of a chaotic and uncaring, even adversarial universe, winking its cruel spark of awareness from within an essentially negligent infinite span.

The Air France flight 447 tragedy… in line with AM47 by 47 significator, longitudinal location, and date of occurrence. (2 = coincidence, 3 = SYNCHRONICITY)

9. (23 May 2010) The LOST television series came to a close today, just 8 days before the AM47 PoEE in the Azores. In this final episode, on a time-travelling/teleporting/reality-altering island, the hero plugged a hole in the “Heart of the Island”. It sure looked like a Point of Elemental Earth if ever one did see one. Also, a few weeks earlier when the origin of the character of Richard was revealed, a 15th Century era Richard was a prisoner on a ship that was shipwrecked on an island in the location of the Azores!

The Point of Elemental Earth, LOST style.

10. (28 Oct 2010) Azorean Atlantis Videos:

11. (02 Apr 2011) Satellite Imagery Shows Gravity Is Strongest From Iceland – Azores

The next AM47 Point of Elemental Earth in the Azores is coming-up on 01 Jun 2011, and the Azores are gettin’ heavy… the heaviest place on EARTH!! “According to new images transmitted by the European Space Agency’s satellite GOCE, gravity is the strongest in two areas on the planet: In a fairly large area in the Atlantic Ocean which stretches from the north of Iceland and all the way south to the Azores, and in an area north of Australia from the Philippines and eastwards to the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific.”

This tortured globe – created using data from the Goce gravity-mapping satellite – reveals what the Earth would look like if its shape were altered to make gravity the same everywhere on its surface. Areas of strongest gravity are in yellow and weakest in blue. Click on the image to view.

12. (31 May 2011) The AM47 P.o.E. Earth day is tomorrow! There are some fascinating Earthy developments in the Azores: the fact that gravity has been discovered to be highest in the Azores, the discovery of ancient burial sites atop the islands, the Azores being a model for modern alternative energy use, and the recovery of the tragic AF447 black-boxes after 2 years of searching. Read more about those developments HERE.

Last night I deamt that a massive, magnificent young blue-black colored bull was being jerked down a bleak, dusty road by a nasty little man in a nasty little truck. Though the bull could have easily smashed the truck and crushed the man inside, the young bull was nevertheless somehow defeated. As the bull passed me the truck lurched, and he managed to display a faintly defiant little buck and gallop as if to pretend that it was all a game. A slaughterhouse monstrosity’s droning grind wavered up from down the road.

Tomorrow is the AM47 PoEE in the Azores; the sun will cross the direct center of sidereal Taurus and the new moon too will align with Aldebaran, The Eye of the Bull. Please don’t waste this time by not recognizing it for what it really is.


13. (14 Jul 2011) Ancient Temples Discovered On Azorean Islands

In late 2006, I started writing this here tale involving the Azores as possibly being the mountain-tops of legendary Atlantis (aka. the Point of Elemental Earth in Project ALTER MaN 4 7). In late 2010, archaeoastronomer Nuno Ribiero discovered ancient hypogea (underground tombs) and underground temples dedicated to the Phoenecian lunar goddess Tanit on the remote Atlantic islands of the Azores.

Prior to these discoveries, history had dictated that the Azores had been discovered by the Portuguese in the 14th century. The discovery of these ancient temples proves that the Azores were inhabited by a pre-christian civilization… perhaps even an Atlantean civilization. The discoveries are currently developing as of now (mid-2011).

In the Mediterranean, Tanit’s main familiar was the dolphin (or the cetacean/whale). Lunar and Pyramidaic symbology also dominates the images of Tanit, and her main image appears to be identical to the Ankh. Echoes of possible child sacrifice haunt Tanit’s worship, even in the present Azorean discoveries.

The Ankh-like Phoenician lunar goddess Tanit with her cetacean familiar.

I dreamed of morphing whales and strange underwater-hunters in mid-2007. The exact time that I had this dream actually occurred on the day of what would later become the Point of Elemental Earth day. My dream involved a child miraculously escaping sacrifice on an altar and the diabolical shaman-priests who’d pursued him. Then in my dream, a cluster of folks were cooking a strange stew in the hot-earth… I later learned that “Holy Spirit Soup” is a delicacy in the Azores. My dream then involved an underground cave with a whale-like creature, and other things that can only be described here:

Delta & Dawn Dream

I also discovered after the fact, that bulls (the bovine/Taurus, fixed EARTH) play a huge part in the Portuguese culture on the Azores… Point of Elemental Earth indeed.

Archaeologists from the Portuguese Association of Archeological Research (APIA) believe to have found in the Azores a significant number of Carthaginian temples, from the fourth century BC, dedicated to the goddess Tanit.

14. (07 Apr 2012) A “Travel to the Azores” competition I entered and lost because my entry was too long:

A Voyage Around The World To The Azores

Five years ago, I had a visionary dream involving islands I’d never seen before. I soon came to discover that those islands were in fact the Azores, and since that time it has been my passion to sail there from here in San Francisco. I’ve been planning to fund the voyage by making it a part of a film inspired by my dream and all the fascinating esoteric subjects that my ensuing research has come to encompass as a result of it. Unfortunately, the extraordinary nature and scale of the project has made funding it a real challenge. So when I learned from Azores Nation of the chance to win this trip, I knew I had to enter.

There are so many things I want to experience in the Azores and document for my story. I want to search for the locations I saw in my dream, to see if they really exist: the stone slab on the hill by the coast, the cooking hearth in the steamy volcanic rock, and the dark flooded underground cavern. There has been a recent controversial discovery of possibly ancient Phoenician tombs and temples on the islands of Terceira and Corvo, and I’d like to begin my search there. And I want to enjoy some Sopas do Espirito Santo, traditionally prepared in the volcanically active earth. I want to explore the underground caverns hidden all over the islands. I want to scuba dive among the dolphins and whales. I want to immerse myself in the therapeutic waters of the Valley of Furnas to help relieve my chronic bronchitis. And of course I want to collect local tales of seafaring adventures and lost Atlantis!

I still hope to sail to the Azores one day, and I haven’t abandoned my dream. Winning this trip would be a great opportunity to progress my tale, scout out my future voyage, and take me one step closer to making my project a reality. Feel free to read much more about my dream and this project at AlterMan47 and specifically how it involves the Azores here at AlterMan47/Azores.

Azores or bust.

15. (02 May 2012) “It’s The Earth Not The Moon”, a documentary about the Azorean island of Corvo by Gonçalo Tocha won the Golden Gate Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 55th San Francisco International Film Festival! Corvo is the island closest to the AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH!!!

It’s The Earth Not The Moon

16. (22 May 2012) Don’t Drown Out Dolphin’s Voices by drilling for oil in the mid-Atlantic near the Azores! The loud noises can make communication impossible, cutting these social animals off from their families. When faced with this noise, endangered whales stop singing for mates and dolphin mothers can no longer whistle at their babies. Dolphins and whales might beach themselves to get away, or, if they’re too close, they could suffer hearing loss or other injuries. Stop it.

Oil drilling causes insanity and death in dolphins and whales. Stop it. NOW.

17. (30 May 2012) PoEE 2012…


And touch HERE to discover practical ways that YOU can help alter man.

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