Prometheus meets ALTER MaN 4 7… AgaiN!

Listed below are the “fictional” ancient alien star-map artifacts from the upcoming film Prometheus. Of the 7 total artifacts in the film, 5 have been revealed thus far, each with a date, image and location. 3 of these 5 artifacts revealed thus far are located RIGHT-ON 3 of the 5 Elemental Points of the non-fictional Project ALTER MaN 4 7!

The premise of Prometheus is the extraterrestrial alteration of mankind. The premise of ALTER MaN 4 7 is the alchemically shamanic entraterrestrial alteration of mankind. The titan Prometheus stole Fire from the Godz and gave it to mankind… and AM47 stole the rest of the Elements and is revealing them to this world in a unique and epic way!

Now Synchronicity is nothing new to AM47, but C’mon!! Let’s take a bold look at the evidence thus far, shall we…

The first artifact above is dated at 2470 B.C.E. and the location (little globe, lower left) is right-on the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR!

The second artifact above is right-on the AM47 Point of Elemental WATER!!

The third artifact above is right-on the AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE!!!

The fourth artifact above is in Algeria.

The fifth artifact above is in North Vietnam.

Two artifacts have yet to be revealed… Check out the awesome Prometheus app on FaceBook and watch for the next artifact!

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