New “Era of Happiness” declared in Turkmenistan one day before the AM47 Point of AIR!


Today is the middle of the ancient Egyptian/sidereal astrological sign of Aquarius and the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR in Turkmenistan.
Yesterday, an “Era of Happiness” was declared by the president of Turkmenistan’s totalitarian regime.
His slogan ‘The happy epoch of the mighty state’, is a “call for our future achievements and great deeds”.
“In Turkmenistan a new era has begun/ All the Earth is lit up by the light dawn/ The glory has enveloped the heart with an aura of greatness/ And in the mighty state a happy time has started!”

Read about the new slogan of Turkmenistan here.

Read much more about the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR here.

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