A most fortuitous meeting of Magicians.

Yesterday in San Francisco, I had the good fortune of meeting with an expert on the mythology, shamanism, religion, folklore, culture, language and travel of the region around the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR in Turkmenistan (just north of Iran). It’s funny that what was shaping up to be the most difficult point of the AM47 journey is now the one that I have the most help with. AM47 was scheduled to be in Turkmenistan on 29 Feb 2012, but sadly the required publicity and subsequent funding for the project was not secured for this years attempt. Yet that this most fortuitous meeting should have conspired to occur on 26 Feb 2012, just three days before the target date, is further evidence of the Synchronicity and pure Magic at work in the project. AM47 is now another step closer to the reality of a 01 Sep 2012 launch date. Wild Wishing…

Read much more about the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR here.

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