Project ALTER MaN 4 7 – 2012, *Earth Mission Critical squared*

The AM47 Alchemical circumnavigation of the globe is not irrelevant, impossible or unfounded. Although Project ALTER MaN 4 7 – 2011 has failed, it is *Earth Mission Critical squared* that our AM47 ship’s crew arrive in Turkmenistan (just north of Iran) for the Project ALTER MaN 4 7 – 2012 Point of Elemental Air in mid-sidereal Aquarius on 28 Feb 2013. This will be a very difficult and dangerous voyage that can not nor will not happen without your understanding and support. I don’t know that I can make this any more clear or precise for you. Yes You. Anyone reading this now is directly responsible to help us achieve this paramount goal for all mankind. Even though you may not be able to physically join us on the trip, you must be familiar with the basic elements of the journey and keep them in mind as you inform anyone that you come across who may be able to help make this dream a reality.

I am not insane (though I’m approaching it by way of frustration) and you are not mundane (though you may be approaching it by way of resignation). I’m not doing this for profit or fame, I’m doing this because it must be done. Additionally, you must ALL unequivocally alter your life processes and take-up the following adjustments, or You Will Cease To Be! You must begin to replace animal protein with mycoprotein. You must begin to daily imbue Colloidal Silver. You must begin a daily regiment of meditation. You must reach beyond your immediate social circle to others around the world. You must shed the Gregorian calendar and begin to move with the rhythm of the 13 month Lunar calendar.  For those who are astrologically aware, you must replace the tropical system with the sidereal system. And you must allow yourself to be encouraged through the potential of Speculative Fantasy. I’m eager for any editorial, organisational and manifestational assistance that You can provide.

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