Ancient Temples Discovered On Azoreran Islands

Ancient Temples Discovered On Azorean Islands

Ancient Azorean Temples

 In late 2006, I started writing a wonderfully strange tale involving the Azores as possibly being the mountain-tops of legendary Atlantis (aka. the Point of Elemental Earth to project ALTER MaN 4 7). In late 2010, archaeoastronomer Nuno Ribiero discovered ancient hypogea (underground tombs) and underground temples dedicated to the Phoenecian lunar goddess Tanit on the remote Atlantic islands of the Azores.

 Prior to these discoveries, history had dictated that the Azores had been discovered by the Portuguese in the 14th century. The discovery of these ancient temples proves that the Azores were inhabited by a pre-christian civilization… perhaps even an Atlantean civilization. The discoveries are currently developing as of now (mid-2011).

 In the Mediterranean, Tanit’s main familiar was the dolphin (or the cetacean/whale). Lunar and Pyramidaic symbology also dominates the images of Tanit, and her main image appears to be identical to the Ankh. Echoes of possible child sacrifice haunt Tanit’s worship, even in the present Azorean discoveries.

I dreamed of morphing whales and strange underwater-hunters in mid-2007. The exact time that I had this dream actually occurred directly on what would later become the Point of Elemental Earth (long story). My dream involved a child ingeniously escaping sacrifice on an altar and the diabolical shaman-priests who’d pursued him. Then in my dream, a cluster of folks were cooking a strange stew in the hot-earth… I later learned that “Holy Spirit Soup” is a delicacy in the Azores. My dream then involved an underground cave with a whale-like creature, and other things that can only be described here:

 AM47 Delta & Dawn Dream

 I also discovered after the fact, that bulls (the bovine/Taurus) play a huge part in the Portuguese culture on the Azores… Point of Elemental Earth indeed.

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