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When the Sun aligns with the direct center or “Angel Point” of sidereal Aquarius, the Point of Elemental Air (PoEA) can be expected to manifest in or somewhere near the vast, barren deserts of Turkmenistan. The next PoEA is on 01 Mar 2011. On 29 Feb 2012, the AM47 ship is scheduled to have already been docked at the port-city of Turkmenbashi for several days, and a group of Alter-folk is to have reached a specific place in the Kara Kum Desert to  observe & celebrate Elemental Air. Then the ship will continue its circumnavigation of the globe to arrive back in San Francisco on 01 Sep 2012 to complete the circle. After that, AM47 will again set sail in late Sep 2012 for Alert, Nunavut and the top of the world for the Point of Elemental AEther and the Gateway of Arcturus on 17 Oct 2012.

Here are some particularly Airy facts about Turkmenistan:

1. About 4,000 years ago, the “lost civilization” of the Margiana built a great city at Gonur Depe (on or near the Point of Air in Turkmenistan) which sat at the hub of the crossroads of many cultures. There they invented Zoroastrianism (the first recorded monotheism which also venerated the 4 Classical Elements and Alchemy) and presided over this vast network of cultures during what was called “the happiest time in the history of the world”.


The Yaz culture is an early Iron Age culture (ca. 1500-1100 BC). No burials related to the culture have been found, and this was taken as evidence of the Zoroastrian practice of exposure or so-called sky burial.


2. Historically, the favored funerary practice of the peoples of this vast Central Asian region was excarnation (open Air disposal) on “Towers of Silence” (Hanging Man!).

A modern-day Tower of Silence in India.

3. The society of modern day Turkmenistan is considered one of the most repressive on earth. That stands in diametrical opposition to the very essence of the Air Element: ‘the shadow of Air’. Elemental Air represents things like the intellect, communication, writing, languages and teaching, as well as commerce and travel.

Totalitarian repression in Turkmenistan.

4. In 2008, a team of international surveyors determined Turkmenistan to have the second or possibly first highest natural gas reserves (Air, the gaseous state of matter) in the world.


The Darvasa Gas Crater in Turkmenistan spewing natural gas… and burning, near or possibly even on The Point of Elemental Air.




5. Turkmenistan is now beginning to enter the news due to its vast energy reserves and because it borders both Iran and Afghanistan. Also because of Turkmenistan’s stance of political neutrality.

Strategic geographic location.

6. Both the Aral Sea to the north and the Caspian Sea to the west of the Point of Air are drying-up.

The drying Aral Sea

7. In 2008, Wind Man, a film about an Air Elemental and Madar, the Angel of Death from ancient Persian myth, played for the first time in San Francisco. Wind Man was filmed in 2007 not at all far from the Point of Elemental Air.


Wind Man film soundtrack poster.


8. On 10 Mar 2010, an unprecedented super-novae event (a nova-level flash event where none was expected) was detected in Cygni V 407, which is celestially longitudinally in line with the center of sidereal Aquarius. The Sun had  aligned with the center of sidereal Aquarius  and the Point of Elemental Air just 10 days earlier on 28 Feb 2010. Though this super-novae event was detected on 10 Mar 2010, it is easy for me to believe that the actual event occurred closer to 28 Feb 2010, which was the direct center or “Angel Point” of sidereal Aquarius.

Cygni V 407 super-novae event.

9. In late 2010, the film Black Sands will be released – a new documentary about Turkmenistan and the deep roots of monotheism. There is a previously unknown Bronze-Age civilization deep in the cobra-infested Kara Kum (Black Sands) Desert in Turkmenistan. Battling sand-storms and intense isolation, archaeologist Viktor Sarianidi uncovers a city where the dead were disposed through ritual excarnation and astrologer-priests consumed hallucinogenic ritual drinks over 4,000 years ago. Is it the motherland of Zoroastrianism (or Mithrasism) ~ an ancient Indo-Iranian religion that was later to strongly influence Judaism and hence Christianity and Islam. This place also happens to be the Point of Elemental Air of AM47.


10. I’ve been planning on traveling to Turkmenistan on 29 Feb 2012 as part of this AM47 Art project. The TAPI natural gas pipeline (short for Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) has finally been ratified and is expected to greatly help stabilize the entire region. Turkmenistan is said to have the world’s fourth largest gas reserves (although this could be much higher), and is the Point of Elemental Air of project AM47: Plans to pipe natural gas from the region are also in the works for Iran, China, Russia and the EU and theUS! This could truly be be one of the harbingers of peace that we have been waiting for.

11. .?.

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