The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Promising News For Project ALTER MAN 47



(13 JAN 2014)  It looks like the world has finally been tainted by a touch of sanity on Iran’s nuclear program, and that’s great news for the AM47 Alchemical Voyage. Without some kind of peace with Iran, AM47 will be impossible as the AM47 ship will need to dock at the Iranian port of Bandar-e-Abbas and then travel straight up through the center of Iran and into Turkmenistan to the ancient site of Gonur Depe: The birthplace of Zoroastrianism & 5th center of civilization.

The AM47 Point of Alchemical AIR (Mid-Sidereal Aquarius) manifests in Turkmenistan-Iran 1.5 months from now, and hence the AM47 ship is scheduled to arrive in Iran exactly 13.5 months from now. At that future date, the crew of the AM47 ship: The EL MANTRA, will generate, observe, dedicate and send the AIR point of the AM47 Pentaform into Awareness. If our so called “leaders” can hold it together , then The Alchemical Voyage might just have a chance after all.

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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