The film PACIFIC RIM shares a fascinating Synchronicity with a modern-day interpretation of The Alchemical Great Work!

In the film Pacific Rim, the # 47 appears on-screen and in-dialogue 58 times! Now this in and of itself is unusual enough, especially given my obsession with the # 47. But it gets stranger still. In the film, “The Breach” (the trans-densital Monster Hole) is almost directly on the AM47 Point of Alchemical WATER (at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean on the Marianas Trench) AND the first city destroyed by the monsters was San Francisco! (the AM47 Point of Alchemical FIRE)!! The “spooky action at a distance” Synchronicity undeniably enchants, does it Not? And this is just one of hundreds of profound Synchronicity associated with Project ALTER MAN 47<<<Read On!

Another great Synchronicity of this film and AM47 is “The Drift”, a psychic consciousness connection between minds. Project AM47 was inspired, quite literally, from a shared precognitive dream between myself and a pair of humpback whales in the San Francisco Bay! A full transcript & history of that dream is here>>> Delta & Dawn Dream. Astonishing Synchronicity!!

And yet another fascinating fact relevant to both Pacific Rim & AM47 is that the biggest volcano in the entire solar system, Tamu Massif, was discovered off the east coast of Japan on 03 SEP 2013. This volcano just so happens to be just SE of the AM47 Point of Alchemical WATER and the “fictional” Monster Breach from Pacific Rim!

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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