Aquarius 2013: The AM47 Point of Elemental AIR in Sidereal Aquarius!

The Sun entered Sidereal Aquarius with a BANG. On the first day of sidereal Aquarius, and DIRECTLY ON the longitude of the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR,

AIR meteor arrow1

The trajectory of the Russian Meteor!!!

the Chelyabinsk Meteor shifted the focus from earth to sky, from below to above, in one long moment, and gave humankind a Celestial Symbol under which to organize away from the destruction of each other and toward the creation of a Global System of Defense for the Deflection of Asteroids.

To complete the ALTER MAN 47 circumnavigation of the globe, the AM47 crew must travel directly up & overland through central Iran and cross the border into Turkmenistan to reach Gonur Depe and the AM47 Point of AIR. This portion of the journey is scheduled to take place NEXT YEAR at the current time of THIS post, in late Feb-early Mar 2014! The recent Nuke Talks regarding Iran’s nuclear program saw the FIRST POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT in the entire 20 year nuclear impasse DIRECTLY AT THE ANGEL POINT/MID-SIDEREAL AQUARIUS and Point of Elemental AIR of AM47!!! Unless this issue is resolved, AM47 will be impossible. It’s an incredibly brilliant influence of celestial timing & Synchronicity A glimmer of hope against WWIII sparked the kind of shine that is expected during Sidereal Aquarius.

Positive developments at the Nuke Talks in Sidereal Aquarius. Unless this issue is resolved, AM47 will be impossible.

The Pope’s unprecedented resignation hit at the Mid/Angel Point of Sidereal Aquarius, too. This resignation of a major “spiritual” leader effecting millions of “souls” is highly indicative of the revolutionary/shocking humanitarian influence of Sidereal Aquarius and Uranus/Prometheus. The Pope resigned at the middle of Sidereal Aquarius and a successor has yet to be named. I hope that the psycho-cosmic force of this most wonderful celestial influence will dismay the Catholic Church to the point of utter collapse… A highly Aquarian development, indeed!!!


Here is the Sidereal Chart at the time of the Chelyabinsk Meteor. The meteor literally hit right as the Sun entered Sidereal Aquarius! AND directly along the longitude of the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR!!! 7 0f the 14 major astrological/nomical planets and points are in the AIR element. Rather striking, YES.?.


Lots of activity focused on Sidereal Aquarius and the AIR signs in general.

The most recent episode of the adult cartoon Archer , “Once Bitten” (21 Feb 2013), helped provide a little comic-relief with their current episode which just so happens to take place in Turkmenistan, with Sterling Archer in heavy hallucination and alternate reality mode!

Archer get’s bit on the hine by a Caspian Cobra in Turkmenistan and hallucinates Big Time!

There are still 13 days left in Sidereal Aquarius and I expect more drift toward the visionary and the humanitarian. Visionary and revolutionary, unexpected societal shifts are now happening in spades, and will continue to do so! From the Russian Meteor, to the Iranian Nuke Talks, to the unprecedented and shocking resignation of the catholic pope, to Bradley Manning’s revelations of the criminality of the US Military, to the encouraging visit of Dennis Rodman to connect with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, to the unprecedented relinquish of media control by The president of Turkmenistan… ALL OF THESE EVENTS are on AM47 Point of Elemental AIR latitudinal and/or longitudinal activation points and ALL are highly indicative of the AIR element!!!

I’ll bet he’s a Sidereal Aquarian!!

The leaders of these “dangerous” nations must feel INCLUDED before any progress can be had. Part of AM47’s mission is to include all nations around the globe, Iran and Turkmenistan being the most daunting. I’ll be contacting the Iranian embassy next week to begin the process of permission to travel straight-up through their country this time next year.

The president of Turkmenistan just relinquished control of the state media. (My Dude, I want that robe!)

click>>> AM47!


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