470 Kiloton Meteor Explosion As The Sun Enteres Sidereal Aquarius

The fireball streaks toward the ground.

Astronomical/astrological events have united people to see beyond their differences in the past. And it’s probably celestial phenomena that are the only kind of thing that holds the potential to unite humankind.  “Some people remain skeptical of the cosmic threat and are glad for taxpayer money to go toward urgent problems on Earth rather than outer space.”  But they’re fine with being duped into paying for endless wars, churches, bad diets which lead to preventable medical costs, plastic trinkets, giant sporting stadiums, on and on. Sometimes it takes a 470 Kiloton fireball from space as the Sun enters Sidereal Aquarius to bring humankind together to do the right thing and fund the types of space telescopes to remain Aware of our beautiful and dangerous skies.

One of the impact craters from the Russian Meteorite.

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