* Quick rundown of the waterish events from yesterdays Point of Water

A quick rundown of the waterish events from yesterdays Point of Water in sidereal Scorpio at the area of the Japan Trench or close to the latitude of AM47 (37.47 N):
1. The Japanese Whaling fleet left Japan at the latest time ever and under growing societal pressure for reform.
2. The Sea Shepherd followed suit and departed for their Seventh Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign.
3. Japan and the U.S. launched their biggest ever Sea War Games near the fresh Korean conflict (aka the East-West conflict) who’s border runs right near 37.47 N.
4. In Cancun, Japan refused to extend the Kyoto Protocol because other developing nations aren’t being held to the same standards.
5. NASA announced that it found a new kind of (bacterial) life in Mono Lake, CA. Mono Lake happens to run right near 37.47 N.
Not exactly what I was looking for, but pretty watery wouldn’t you agree?

AM47 Points of Water

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